Hi, I'm Daniel!

I am a first year student at the University of California, San Diego. I am pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, and a minor in Economics. I have interned as a Software Engineer at a startup named Pyze during summer 2016, and will be an instructor for iD Tech at Stanford University during summer 2018.

I am passionate for applying my skills to create practical solutions in the real world. I believe that every moment in our lives is an opportunity for us to consciously better ourselves and others, in the best way we see fit.

Work Experience

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Software Engineering Intern

Pyze is a small startup that uses AI technologies to help automate growth for businesses at any stage in their development. I was part of the automated growth team, where I developed a Python script that automatically gathers potential client/company emails and sends an introductory email about the services Pyze has to offer. I also had a leading role in the marketing team, where I led some marketing operations such as improving the Twitter profile, connecting with clients over email, and created/updated blog posts with new and relevant product information.

Working at Pyze gave me insights into the many interesting operations that startups consist of on a daily basis. It furthered my understanding of the tech industry, and stimulated my interest and passion in entrepreneurship.

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Course Instructor

I will be teaching multiple classes with topics varying from Coding Apps in Java and C++ to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning courses.

It seemed like a natural transition for me to continue teaching computer science to students, after having founded my own organization, Teaching Kids Code, in high school. I led multiple classes/workshops at an elementary school in my community, teaching 4-6th graders the basics of programming in Python.


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Machine Learning A-Z: Hands-On Python In Data Science

Udemy.com course that focuses on creating Machine Learning algorithms and models using Python. Data processing, regressions, classification, clustering, reinforcement learning, natural language processing, and deep learning. I developed a neural network that correctly differentiated between images of cats versus dogs with over 80 percent accuracy.

Languages and Frameworks: Python

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Web Developer Bootcamp

Online course for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more that I have yet to learn. I used this course to bring me up to speed with web development technologies enough to develop this website.

Languages and Frameworks: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Flask

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Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is a Java GUI game that I created as a project in high school. The objective of the game is to get as high as possible by bouncing on the orange platforms, and avoiding the black square monsters.

Languages and Frameworks: Java, Java GUI


University of California, San Diego
B.S. Computer Science
Graduation Date: June 2021

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